Private Wealth Consultants, Ltd.

Private Wealth Consultants is an independent, fee-only investment advisor based in Toledo, Ohio. A registered investment advisor and fiduciary, our specialty is the enhancement, protection, and transfer of private wealth.

Individuals and Families:  As your personal advisors, we strive to grow your portfolio through conservative investing. We understand that protecting your current wealth is the key to assuring your legacy and to protecting your assets across generations. As a registered investment advisor, we specialize in the complexities associated with high net worth individuals and families, including tax, trust, legal, accounting, and funding strategies. As your trusted investment advisors, we are available to assist with comprehensive financial planning.

Business Owners: At Private Wealth Consultants, we are committed to helping business owners in the areas of asset protection,alternative lending, and other financialproblem solving services. In today’s unprecedented market environment, we see businesses of every size getting “squeezed” by banks, making the already daunting challenge of running a profitable business even more difficult.

In addition to assisting with the traditional areas of financial planning for business owners that serve to protect the assets of your corporation, we partner with companies that offer alternative financing to qualified businesses. As business owners strive to make a profit in the face of ever-shifting obstacles, our team is here to help you achieve growth and fulfill the dream of your business.

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