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Welcome to Eye on Your Money Radio!

We hear every day from clients and listeners who are afraid of the future and afraid of the government and its ever-increasing strangle-hold.  Gary Rathbun, host of Eye on Your Money, likes to say, “There is nothing I can do about the collective stupidity of the government other than figure out how to exploit it.”  In order to do this, he believes Americans need to understand the motivation and thought-process behind the behaviors that affect our country, our economy, and our personal interests.  To this end, he uses his time on the air to educate listeners and give them the tools they need to work within the system created by our government’s rules and regulations.

Eye on Your Money, as your Free Market Voice of the Midwest, will focus on Objective economic analysis and a positive vision for the future. Our mission is to empower our listeners to educate themselves, enabling them to move forward in their lives without anxiety and to profit from government actions.

Eye on Your Money can be heard live every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. ET.  Tune in for replays Monday and Friday at 7 p.m. and 5 nights each week at 11 p.m.  You can hear EoYM on the following stations:  1370 WSPD-AM Toledo, 640 WHLO-AM Akron or on iHeartRadio.

Call Gary with questions during the show:  1-855-334-4556.

Eye on Your Money: Educational, Real, Relevant.

One Response to Eye on Your Money Radio

  1. Mark Pirie says:

    A good analogy that folks may understand is that the Fed is a subcontractor to Congress. The Constitution put the onus on Congress. Congress felt inadequate (or was convinced by others of its inadequacy) for the task, so they formed this uneasy partnership. Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned inadequacies, it also isn’t very good at evaluating the agency it helped to create. “What a tangled web we weave …….”

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