Kathy Jackson, author of “The Cornered Cat” joins us April 22nd

Kathy Jackson is a firearms instructor, homeschool mom, small business owner, magazine editor, freelance writer, and a author of the website ‘Cornered Cat’.  She writes what she lives, about women and safety with over 120 chapters in her table of contents.  You can find wonderful information on her site and in her book, and Gary will have her as a guest for a full half hour on Tuesday, April 22nd to discuss personal safety and her philosophy, “If you have to fight… Fight like a cornered cat.”

Encourage the women you love to tune in and listen live on Tuesday, April 22nd at 6:30 p.m. on 1370 WSPD AM (Toledo) or 640 WHLO (Akron/Canton) or nationwide on iHeartRadio by clicking HERE .

As Kathy writes:  “This site is about women and guns, not about cats. But in a way, it’s about the cornered cat in all of us. It’s about the determination to get away from an attacker if you need to. It’s about making the decision to say, “Not me. Not mine. Not today.” And it’s about the tools to make that decision stick.

the Cornered Cat book

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About An Economy of One

As the Free Market Voice of the U.S., An Economy of One host, Gary Rathbun, believes in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Self-Reliance. Gary delves deeply into issues that affect the economy and your personal finances, while maintaining an objective independence that sets him apart from other radio hosts.
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1 Response to Kathy Jackson, author of “The Cornered Cat” joins us April 22nd

  1. Mary Deal says:

    Ask Kathy Jackson if she’ll ever hold a class in this area, broadly speaking

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